Position: Registered Nurse

Setting: Emergency Room and Hospital

Job Description:  A nurse is a person who is trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital. A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements to have a nursing license.

Median Salary: $32.04 hourly, $66,640 annual

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records.
  • Administer medications to patients and monitor patients for reactions or side effects.
  • Record patients’ medical information and vital signs.
  • Monitor, record, and report symptoms or changes in patients’ conditions.
  • Consult and coordinate with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement, or evaluate patient care plans.


Many registered nurses have only gone as far as getting a Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The ADN route is the most common way to obtain licensure as a registered nurse, and usually involves a two-year program at a community or junior college. RNs with a BSN often have better job opportunities than those with only a diploma or ADN.Many nurses optain to earn an ADN to get an entry-level nursing job, then use an employer’s tuition assistance program to enroll in an RN to BSN degree program. After obtaining the required education, you must pass a licensure exam before you can become a registered nurse.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BS/BSN) is a four-year degree offered at colleges and universities:
  • Prepares graduates to engage in the full scope of professional nursing practice across all healthcare setting.
  • First two years often concentrate on psychology, human growth and development, biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, nutrition, and anatomy and physiology.
  • Final two years often focus on adult acute and chronic disease; maternal/child health; pediatrics; psychiatric/mental health nursing; and community health nursing
  • Master’s Degree (MSN) programs offer a number of tracks designed to prepare Advanced Practice Nurses, nurse administrators, and nurse educators.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs are research-focused whose graduates typically teach and/or conduct research

The reason I chose this career path is because I watch a lot of TV and the TV shows I mainly watch are Crime solving ones. I really watch a lot of Emergency Room Trauma on OWN. This had made me really want to be someone who helps all the patients and doctors. I realized I wanted to become an registered nurse working in trauma is when my own brother died on the table while they were trying to retrieve a bullet from his head. I have many factors that can help me to become a great nurse such as; active listening, social perceptiveness, and coordination. I also would love to pursue this career because I’ve researched a lot about it and I feel I am a perfect fit; will bring a lot to the table.

In my designs, I have spent a lot of time working on the all the details of the hospital. In the first design I included a patient table and a nurse. I put the nurse next to the table because I wanted it to seem realistic as if I would’ve been helping the patient. I included the medical symbol “+” to represent the medical field. I also included the drawings of the skeleton and a brain to show what a hospital room would look like. In my second design I included the name of the hospital I would like to work at which is Kaiser Permanente. I also included ambulances so that they can bring me the patients to me. Most importantly, I included the building in which the patients will be in.


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police brutality

                     Police Brutality

Police brutality has played such a big role in today’s society. Police brutality goes as far back as the 1877  with the Great Railroad Strike. It wasn’t really until the late 2000’s when it was introduced to the media. The media manly shows the African American community being targeted more than any other race. Some of these cases included Trayvon Martin (2012), Jack Lamar (2013), Eric Garner (2014), and most recently Sandra Bland. These victim were all killed by the police officers for walking down the street, calling 911 for help due to his medication, being accused for selling drugs and for being arrested and killed for saying “she got rights.” As a society you would think by now we would have some possible solutions to end it.

The government has required police officer to wear body cameras. Although, as a society that doesn’t help us see what really happened because that’s considered the police department’s property and they keep it for their benefits. Each police officer we see has went through some kind of training, if we train them to not react so quickly and to understand the situation before shooting or arresting. When we do protest against police brutality and how we as a society should try to fix it. The protesters are attacked by officers because they are disrupting peace. While in our ten amendments we have a right to protest while the police don’t have the right to just kill innocent people because they wear badges. Every police officer goes through police training in order to become a cop so in that training they should be taught to handle situations the correct way and not the way to react fast.We should bring an awareness to this issue by protesting.  When we do protest we are still being discrimated, and killed at these types of events. Every police officer should wear body cameras and as a community we should be able to see that footage without having to be concened to see if they tamper with the evidene. The possible solutions to help put an end to police brutality.

In the visual metaphor my partner and I created we included the quote “To protect or to kill” because on a police car it states “proud to protect and to serve.” We had empahsized big buildings and a street to demonstrate how police brutality is so big in the world and it needs to be recongiznied. We used balance to show how the media is only focusing on the African American Community for just standing around while the white man is robbing a bank and there is no attention on him. All of these things work together to show unity and how it works as a whole. We used the color of different skin tones to show the variety and how its not only one race recording but everyone so as a society we should all take a stand on it.


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