In this project I got a better understanding of what it takes to pursue the career that most interests me. I’m very proud of me presenting because I get very nervous and hide. I feel by me presenting it improves my communication skills as well as my presentation skills. I really got out of my comfort zone and opened up about why I want to peruse nursing. My favorite thing about this project was my 3D design, it made me vision on how my work space and how I will be helping my patients.Three things I learned while doing my progect was how well I communicate with my peers, I’m going to major in Biology rather than Nursing, and I opened up about why I want to peruse nursing. Some advice that I would give to students who will participate in this project is that you want to choose a career that you will like because you might find it informative because its very beneficial for the future. This project was very unique, creative, fascinating, helpful, educational and inspirational.