October 2015

Visual Metaphor Examples

Topic: Police Brutality


For me, my Miranda rights are now my bruises.

The message here is that the Miranda Rights are being compared to bruises.

'Rest assured we will continue repeating this autopsy until it's absolutely clear it wasn't our fault.'

The message here is that the police try to cover up their actions by hiding or taking away evidence.

police 4

The scales of justice here is being brutalized by a police officer.

The message here is that the police don’t use the correct use of force equal within races.


3D Design: Project Reflection

In this project I got a better understanding of what it takes to pursue the career that most interests me. I’m very proud of me presenting because I get very nervous and hide. I feel by me presenting it improves my communication skills as well as my presentation skills. I really got out of my comfort zone and opened up about why I want to peruse nursing. My favorite thing about this project was my 3D design, it made me vision on how my work space and how I will be helping my patients.Three things I learned while doing my progect was how well I communicate with my peers, I’m going to major in Biology rather than Nursing, and I opened up about why I want to peruse nursing. Some advice that I would give to students who will participate in this project is that you want to choose a career that you will like because you might find it informative because its very beneficial for the future. This project was very unique, creative, fascinating, helpful, educational and inspirational.

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