Ulysses at the Palace of Circe

Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg and Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart


Principles of Design:

Balance and Unity

-The combination of the animals, trees, and people in front of the palace in the painting creates unity. The color scheme between the unified factors shows balance within the painting.

Emphasis and Contrast

-The emphasis in the painting is the on the animals and the palace because they stood out to us and that is why we chose this painting in the first place. The contrast between the  dark trees in front and light color of the animals from the sun shinning on them creates this emphasis.

Movement and Rhythm

        -You can tell from the way that the people and animals are positioned in the painting that there is some form of movement occurring. This seems to possibly be a fight, or a struggle to retrieve loose animals.

Pattern and Repetition

-There isn’t a lot of patterns and repetition in the painting but if you observe closely you can see repetition in windows to show the largeness on the palace and we assume that each window represents a room.


-By looking at the size of the animals compared to the palace and the trees you can see the proportion of how big the palace is and how small the people and animals are.


-In this painting you can see a lot going on and this adds to the variety and helps to let the viewer create a story of what is happening.